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LED Living Technology is proud to introduce its ground-breaking, high-performance fluorescent-to-LED retrofit kit, featuring our patented design with flexibility in mind. These LED strips are UL-certified for recessed, surface-mounted, and suspended fixtures sized 1×1 and larger. Plus, they are DLC-qualified products, making them eligible for energy-efficiency utility rebates.

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Spec Sheets

15578621811501621435GEN2CLA 1X1 SPECSHT R5YSE.PDF

15578622021501621760GEN2CLA 1X2 SPECSHT R5SDM.PDF

15578622331501621781GEN2CLA 1X4 SPECSHT R5LA9.PDF

15578623651501621790GEN2CLA 1X6 SPECSHT R5YPG.PDF

15578623741501621798GEN2CLA 1X8 SPECSHT R5PYH.PDF

15578624001501621806GEN2CLA2X2SPECSHT R5TCZ.PDF

15578624231501621813GEN2CLA2X4 SPECSHT R54SM.PDF

Fixture Details

Features Benefits:

Rapid ThermaFuse LED Technology for quick & simple installation; Up to 67% power reduction compared to fluorescent lamps; 100% maintenance reduction over 10 year period; Uniquely flexible kit design, for replacing fluorescent lamp configurations in 2’x2′, 2’x4′, 1’x4′ recessed troffer housings, and all other flat ceiling housings that support flat lens diffusers.; Instant on/off operation, Dimmable and Daylighting Controllable Models Available (0-10V); RoHS compliant: contains no hazardous materials; radiation-free; See spec sheet for all model numbers listed on the DLC QPL; UL Classified for both US and Canada (classification maintained when kit is installed); Competitive cost; Quick Payback; 5 Year Warranty; Buy American

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