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Cork/Cork Inner; Cork/Doeskin Suede Inner; Cork/Eclipse Suede Inner; Cork/Flax Inner; Cork/Natural Anna Inner; Cork/Natural Linen Inner; Cork/Terra Suede Inner; Doeskin Suede/Cork Inner; Doeskin Suede/Doeskin Suede Inner; Doeskin Suede/Eclipse Suede Inner; Doeskin Suede/Flax Inner; Doeskin Suede/Natural Anna Inner; Doeskin Suede/Natural Linen Inner; Doeskin Suede/Terra Suede Inner; Eclipse Suede/Cork Inner; Eclipse Suede/Doeskin Suede Inner; Eclipse Suede/Eclipse Suede Inner; Eclipse Suede/Flax Inner; Eclipse Suede/Natural Anna Inner; Eclipse Suede/Natural Linen Inner; Eclipse Suede/Terra Suede Inner; Flax/Cork Inner; Flax/Doeskin Suede Inner; Flax/Eclipse Suede Inner; Flax/Flax Inner; Flax/Natural Anna Inner; Flax/Natural Linen Inner; Flax/Terra Suede Inner; Natural Anna/Cork Inner; Natural Anna/Doeskin Suede Inner; Natural Anna/Eclipse Suede Inner; Natural Anna/Flax Inner; Natural Anna/Natural Anna Inner; Natural Anna/Natural Linen Inner; Natural Anna/Terra Suede Inner; Natural Linen/Cork Inner; Natural Linen/Doeskin Suede Inner; Natural Linen/Eclipse Suede Inner; Natural Linen/Flax Inner; Natural Linen/Natural Anna Inner; Natural Linen/Natural Linen Inner; Natural Linen/Terra Suede Inner; Terra Suede/Cork Inner; Terra Suede/Doeskin Suede Inner; Terra Suede/Eclipse Suede Inner; Terra Suede/Flax Inner; Terra Suede/Natural Anna Inner; Terra Suede/Natural Linen Inner; Terra Suede/Terra Suede Inner


Ceiling Semi Flush


Black; Bronze; Burnished Steel; Dark Smoke; Mahogany; Natural Iron; Soft Gold; Vintage Platinum

Fixture Length:

16.1; 22.9; 29.3

Fixture Size:

12.2"H x 16.1"W




72 watts

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Product Categories

- Ceiling/Surface Mount

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