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Composite Tuff-Poles can be outfitted with many different types of tenons, pole caps, base shrouds and other options to accommodate the luminaires and accessories you specify.nTenons and Pole CapsnOur standard tenons are aluminum or hot dipped galvanized steel for secure attachment of luminaires and tenon-type brackets. Cast aluminum pole caps are standard for side mount installations where tenons are not required. A wide variety of tenon options can be specified, and some poles can be ordered with tenons built into the structure - tenon tops. Contact Shakespeare to learn more. nnAnchor Base BoltsnAnchor bolts, nuts, and washers are supplied with the poles. Additional sets, as well as kits of mounting hardware for arms, brackets and other attachments, are available. nnAnchor Base ShroudsnOur standard bolt covers (shrouds) are one- or two-piece composite. nLearn more. nnComposite Burial FootnMount anchor base poles as though they were direct burial and make short work of any installation. Learn more.; For additional information or to request accessories not listed above, ncontact Shakespeare.

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