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This elegant bowl pendant was designed for the Ornithology Department at the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West. It was important to the department that the bird cutout detail accurately depict the bird species selected. Crenshaw worked closely with the department’s experts, refining the design by hand until it satisfied. The pendant is constructed of solid brass, with heavy gauge custom forged handles, decorative fasteners, braided brass stem attached at handles and canopy with loop and hook, solid machined gathering element to central suspension chain, and a frosted white acrylic bowl lens. Finished in a hand-applied antique brass patina with hand-relieved highlights.

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Width; Height; 37-13/16"; 9-13/16"

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Width; Height; 37-13/16"; 9-13/16"


-CUF: Custom Finish


-CUA: Custom Acrylic

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